Mabel + Honey is designed by Mary Helen Studio, a Cincinnati-based fashion program, that teaches kids of all ages to explore the world of design, fashion, sewing, and creativity. Mabel + Honey has partnered together with Mary Helen Studio to bring their kid-inspired garments to you. Together, we can encourage girls to embrace their eclectic, colorful, and beautiful selves.


Mary Helen Studio has created an atmosphere where young girls can feel strong, beautiful, and confident in what they are wearing and who they are as a person. The program fosters the skills and confidence that girls will carry with themselves for a lifetime.

Mary Helen Studio was created in 2012 to provide a place for children to be creative with kids their age. Helen explained, “When I was younger, I always wanted a place to sew and create. There was nothing available for kids. It was all geared towards adults. At Mary Helen Studio, we let children in on the design process and teach them first-hand about fashion and sewing.” Helen continues, “Seeing a kid’s sense of accomplishment when they finish a project is the most rewarding feeling. They are so proud and happy to have created something on their own!”

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